A webinar is the ultimate option for any Digital Product Sale be it your courses, Coaching or even Software’s. When I was looking for the best tool for webinars that can give some amazing experience for my Audience, I looked for zoom, ever-webinar and a lot of others, Demio simply cracked the code for me.

Demio is a super win for me because, for a ton of features, a few of the important one that serves my purpose is listed below: –

Join from Browser

If you are looking for a zero installation joining option, Demio wins the bait. Users can simply click on the link, and they can join. Not only your audience, but even the host can also join via the browser and can share screen, join video call and do all the stuffs.

The Room

The Room as a host gives you the flexibility to keep all the materials, be it slides or videos or anything that you wish to present to be an audience at a place. During the ongoing events, a simple click will start sharing the materials.

The Registration

The Registration page with Demio is super cool. You can add your own colour theme with a lovely count down timer to show exactly when Even is about to begin. Apart from that you can also add your custom fields which can take values to your email system via integration option. You can also showcase a video or presenter to warm your Audience to register for the call. The joining and confirmation email are auto-triggered to your audience with necessary details. The reminders are also sent 1 Day, 1hr, and 15 mins in Advance to make sure your Audience is not missing the join time.

The Audience Insights

The Audience Insights gives you in-depth visibility to when your Audience joined and dropped during the Presentation timeline. Not only that you get integration option to your email system to know how many registered, who didn’t show up.

Standard/Series/Recorded Session

With Demio you get a host of option on what kind of webinar you want to host. Is it a standard one-time event or a recurring event? You can even create a recorded session that you can share with your audience, and they can join whenever they like, and your business is on pure Autopilot.


Branding is yet another cool feature on Demio. You can use the logo and colour of your choice matching with your brand. This gives your Audience a feeling of connection. Your automatically triggered email also receives the same branding.


If You are someone looking for a simple solution around webinars especially for sales. Go for Demio without giving it another thought. If you are not looking for sales go with Zoom, It’s cheaper and good alternative. For Me I do a lot of sales and Demio is something that brings all the good stuff to the table. I am not overwhelmed and enjoy the sales journey.

If you want a free trial, here’s the link to start your Journey with Demio.

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