Do you want to know the 5 precise steps to become a Super Affiliate Marketer? In this episode, I will get into these 5 Components.

1. What is the best way to start Affiliate Marketing?

  • You are your strongest weapon.
  • Only your Passion can make it.
  • Understand yourself.
  • Your Physical & Virtual World Analysis – People you meet, websites you visit
  • Don’t invest too much time. Give no more than 1 week’s time.
  • Stay away from Analysis Paralysis
  • It’s important to be version 1 than version none.

2. How can you find the best Niche?

  • This world is full of problems
  • Categories: Business, Health & Wellness, Career, Make Money, Relationships, Spiritual
  • Think with How can you serve them with your Skill
  • Define your Ideal Customer Persona
  • Think about the battleground your Audience is in and help them there.
  • There is zero competition when you are out there with your strongest weapon – PASSION.

3. What are the best tools to reach your Audience?

  • Start with the one you are comfortable with?
  • Writing – Blog (Bluehost/WordPress), Speaking (Podcast/Buzz sprout), Face to Face (Webinar/ YouTube)
  • Email: convert kit
  • Webinar: Demio(Sales)/Zoom(Simple)
  • Facebook Group: Keep People Engaged
  • Affiliate Links for the Best product possible in the segment. Look for quality rather than commission. Provide something for free.
  • Be transparent. Speak the truth.

4. How can you generate traffic & Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Look for good Quality Affiliate products & write super engaging content – TRAFFIC

  • FREE – Join relevant groups, provide some amazing content. Share some blog posts. Ask them to join your group
  • FREE – Respond to QUORA, Write amazing articles on Medium
  • FREE – Create short Videos, encourage people to share
  • PAID – Run Ads Facebook/Bing/Google for maximum impressions

5. What is the future in Affiliate Marketing?


  • You will collect a lot of data
  • Understand Audience Persona extremely closely
  • You will be the Magician in that Field
  • People for look for you. TRUST you.
  • Build your own Product
  • Be a Coach

Free Niche Clarity Guide:


Do with Passion to help someone with real feelings and not for making money. It might sound crazy but when you do it anyway, Money will follow. Remember, it’s a Marathon. Your Affiliate Income will grow and you will be a World Class Affiliate Marketer in the Long Run.

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