An Asset can bring in a new stream of Income.

Yesterday, One of My Friend asked me, Can he Convert his Passion into Digital Asset?

I was surprised as no one has asked such Crazy Question.

Why I am calling this crazy is because he said Watching TV is his Passion and eating Burgers is his Passion.

But since, He is my Friend and he is keenly looking for my response challenging Me, I had to Answer.

I said if that’s your TRUE Passion, You Can.

Sounds crazy! Isn’t it.

But it’s True. I convinced him and he has started on this journey.

That’s why I thought to share this with you.

You can listen to My Podcast on this or can continue reading the blog post.

Firstly, You need to make sure, It’s your TRUE Passion.

The power of images

What is a TRUE Passion?

TRUE Passion is something that you enjoy doing and if asked you can live you entire life doing that.

You never get bored out of it.

Don’t confuse yourself with your fondness as Passion.

You might love doing something but you might not consider doing it your entire life.

If you think and believe you can do it for entire life no matter what.

Congratulations! You found your TRUE Passion

How to find Right Market and niche?

Consider your Passion as Weapon, Yes your heard me right.

Your Passion is a weapon, even it’s about watching movies and you can continue doing it forever.

If it’s Weapon, there must be a place or War zone that Actually needs this Weapon for Good.

So look around the world. There are a lot of problems people are struggling.

Health & Wellness, Business, Carrier, Spiritual, Relationships and what not.

These can be further broken down into several other sub Problems. Eg: Carrier Problems in Medical Industry for Women in India.

You are only required to use your Weapon to Solve any of these sub Problems.

The Question is How?

If You love Watching Movies for example, You might have watched a lot of Movies.

You Can take inspiration from these movies and can Help People sort out their Problems by allowing them to Buy your Asset.

So, How can you create your Asset.

How to Create Asset?

Once you have found the Problem and have Solution.

You can start with Helping people and working with them to get their issue resolved using your solution.

Have a lot of 121 Calls and understand their problems root cause.

Next is to Address these Problems and their root cause by Creating a course and Let People find solution through it.

Once You see the success rate of People actually getting results, write a book and Publish it on Platforms like Amazon.

Now You have your at least 3 Assets ready:- Your Course, Your E-book, Your Community and if you are recommending something, Your Affiliate Income Source.

You might think, It won’t work. Here are some proofs.

Why will this work 100% with Proof?

Rajeev Masand : He is the one who loves watching Movies so much that he is known for that. He provides critics for Movie. He has super fan base and earns his living only from Watching Movies.

Pat Flynn : He is helping People go Online and make money using Affiliate Marketing. He is earning through E-book, Course, Affiliate Marketing and He has Paid Community as well.

Lastly, It’s not about making Money. It’s about helping others succeed or solve problems. The more you can bring the happiness around, the more you earn. Earning or making money is a secondary thing.

I hope this inspires you. It’s not about keep thinking. It’s about taking actions in a way that fulfills your soul.

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