Affiliate Marketing is one the oldest Marketing Model which is still generating Millions of passive income streams for a lot of people. If you are still struggling to make money using Affiliate Marketing. It’s due to shifting in marketing strategy that hurting your conversions. I will discuss this in-depth around strategic placement.

Disclaimer: It will be a very long Post but will yield a lot of hidden secrets around the Affiliate System

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s begin by answering this simple question. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a revenue-sharing Model in which a Vendor/Merchant creates a Product that is promoted by an Affiliate Marketer to generate sales by referring to the end user.

If that’s the definition you are still considering. Think again!

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The new definition now contains a lot of adjectives and calls for extra effort.

The new definition states that Affiliate Marketing is a revenue-sharing Model in which a Vendor/Merchant creates a Quality Product that is well tested and validated and then promoted by an Affiliate Marketer by creating contents around it which solves one or more Consumer-centric problems which communicate healthy relationship with end-user and thereby leading to trust-based sales by referring to the end-user.

Don’t just read understand the Above Paragraph, if you understood what I just stated. You don’t need to read anything after this. That’s your answer to everything.

Why do you end up getting low sales or conversion in Affiliate Marketing?

  1. The very first reason is You are yourself not sure if you are promoting the right product or Garbage. I know garbage will also sell in Affiliate Marketing, but it will impact your Ad copy as people will start reporting your Ads and will finally impact your conversion. Moreover, garbage cannot be sold in the long term and is not good for Humanity.[Karma will Haunt You, isn’t it…]
  2. You think you are a multi-tasker and promote multiple products. The individual Product loses focus and content quality. This impacts your ad-copy (you only use copied copies most of the time). Never ever multi-task. It’s better to invest some time in research and pick the right product.
  3. You always look at data such as gravity and what’s its commission and decide majorly giving weightage to these metrics. Don’t do this. To build sustainable Passive income, you need trust so that people can share your content with confidence. You should look quality of the Product and does it really solves the problem. What are the advantages and drawbacks of this? Think by putting yourself in your Consumer’s shoes.
  4. You give transactions much importance rather than relation. I know, it’s the transaction that fills up your wallet and should not be ignored. But you should not pickpocket someone. Isn’t it. Your consumer should feel grateful to you after they have done the transaction which can only happen if you have built trust that cannot happen without giving the relationship a top priority.
  5. You think Affiliate Marketing is part-time work. If you think it’s part-time, you are subconsciously telling yourself it’s low-quality work. This is reflected all over the contents and Product Promotions. Affiliate generates Passive income for those who are super duper serious.
  6. I can continue with a lot of other things which shows either you don’t have time or that you don’t care about the product or who is buying. You are in a rush to make money quickly. This concept is shared all over the internet. It’s False. You need to be smart & caring.

The Karma

Don’t look at the internet and let fake gurus tell you what to do. Look at those who have achieved and are top-notch. Eg: Pat Flynn, Neil Patel. Both are earning incomes in millions of dollars by genuinely helping.

Advantages of doing with Passion

If you genuinely care, it will compound. It will take time but will yield remarkable results. Let’s now see the advantages of being true to our customers and genuinely care for them.

  1. Will build trust which will lead to engagements around your content. High CTR, isn’t this a dream for most marketers.
  2. Your earnings will compound due to deeper organic reach and sharing. You will end us have multi-fold organic conversions.
  3. Upsell and customer lifetime value will increase. Trust is a magnet that will pull your Customer back to you for other solutions leading to multi-fold sales.
  4. You will end up gaining a lot of insights into your target market, because of the research you compounded over time.
  5. You will have a great feeling of fulfillment. Karma will reward you. You will make this world a better place worth living for. People will Thank you for your Service.
  6. Who knows, you might end up creating a Product around your target market because you are too closely monitoring the target market. That’s Dream come True. Pat Flynn created SPI Pro, Neil Patel is selling SEO Software.

Think Big and have Faith.

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